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Closed Die Forging

A forging process in which dies/tooling that contain a pre-cut profile that moves towards each other and cover the work piece in whole or in part.The product design will determine whether the die/tooling should be conventional or precision forging. 

Open Die/ Hand Forging

The forging process in which simple shapes are achieved by deforming metal between two flat dies, eliminating the requirement for tooling. 

Commercial Production

Independent Forge Co. through its many years delivering high quality products has become an industry leader in providing cost conscious businesses a source for their commercial products. 



Since founded in 1975 by Rosemary Ruiz, Ermalinda Diaz and Ming Wong Independent Forge Company Inc., has evolved from manufacturing aluminum precision forging to serving our customers with machined and finished painted items. If one single word were to be used to describe the reason for the successful growth of Independent Forge Company, it would be DEDICATION. With a review of the past and vision of the future, the company has grown through careful planning, sound business practices, and a dedication to meeting the needs of our customers today as well in years to come. 





For any inquiries or questions please call: (714) 997-7337 or fill out the following form

Head Office

692 N. Batavia St.

Orange, CA 92868

Tel: 714- 997-7337

Cell: 714- 598-6103


To apply for a job with Independent Forge, please send your resume to: 



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